Homecoming 2018 Video


This link will take you to a fun video that was created to advertise for Delta Chi and Gamma Phi Beta’s Homecoming 2018 candidates! The clip was shot in September and it was created by members of Delta Chi and Gamma Phi Beta from UCM. Homecoming activities have already started and we are working to do very good this year!

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Alumni Float Trip 6/1-6/3 2018

The UCM Delta Chi chapter has a tradition of an annual alumni float trip each summer.  Thirteen of our current members attended this year’s float trip.  This is a good time for the Delta Chi alumnus to meet members of the current chapter.  On a Friday the brothers met at Gasconade Hills Resort and hung out with the members who were a part of Delta Chi before them.  The alumni who came to the float trip ranged from the earliest members from our chapter to recent UCM graduates.  The group had a large breakfast feast on the Saturday to prepare for the day.  Over 100 people in all went on to the 7 mile float with many  different large size rafts capable of holding twelve people each.  When the end of our river’s trail was reached we got off the rafts and ate dinner.  The night ended with an auction. 


Delta Chi active member Jared Delargy had great thoughts on the weekend, he said: “It was really inspiring to see how much the alumni still care about the chapter.  It doesn’t matter how long ago they may have graduated they still want the chapter to succeed today, so they are willing to give so much back to the actives.  Young, old, middle aged, grandfathers, fathers, it didn’t matter!  We were all one big family of brothers.  That is Delta Chi!”


The weekend was a great experience overall and it is an example of a brotherhood that is lifelong!