Delta Chi Bucks for Bucks

Greetings Gentlemen,

With hunting season JUST around the corner, UCM Delta Chi is putting on an event called "Bucks for Bucks". For a mere price of $20 you can buy into this beautiful competition of masculinity. The competition will be open for rifle season, November 12th-22nd, in which participants will be racing against the clock to shoot: the first buck and the best buck. All entries will be made by contacting Josh Brehe at or via the UCM Delta Chi Facebook Page. Winners in those categories will receive $50 for the first buck and $100 for the best buck. A panel of judges will be assigned to make the decision for the best buck. All proceeds will be sent to the Warrensburg Food Center to aid during the holidays. So gentlmen get out there, eat jerky, grow a beard, and shoot a buck to help the Warrensburg Food Center.

Happy Hunting,

Jody Jennings