Directions To Sign Up for Alumni Float Trip 2016!!

Hello Fellow Alumni!!

Good news! The Float Trip Shop is up and running on the website! The tab officially went live lateFriday night. Below are some step by step instructions on how to successfully purchase your slot for the Alumni Float Trip 2016 happening June 3-5!!

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the 'Shop' tab
  3. Once in the Shop, you will see three options: 1. Alumni Camping ($100), 2. Active Camping ($50), and Alumni Cabins ($200).
  4. Select the option you are most interested in purchasing...only current actives can purchase the Active Camping spots of course [Yes, T. Riley Pierce, as much as you still want to be in College, you cannot purchase the Active Camping slot. :)]
  5. If you select Alumni Cabin, I suggest you first click on the 'CLICK HERE' links. One link will open a new window in your browser and display a sign up sheet. This sheet shows who's already purchased cabin slots. The sheet also shows all members playing golf and not floating. Note: this spreadsheet is being manually updated 1 time per day. There is a chance that a cabin slot could appear open on the sign up sheet and be unavailable in the drop down. Please remember this will be a manual process and not updated real-time. The other 'CLICK HERE' option will take you out to the Gasconade Hills Resort website where you can find more information on each of the individual cabins.
  6. Once you select a cabin from the drop down menu, there will be big red letters that say 'OUT OF STOCK' if the cabin slot has already been purchased. If you don't see those words, please select 'Add to Cart' to begin the purchase process.
    1. Next you will see a shopping cart logo appear with your amount of purchase in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Once you click on the shopping cart you will be directed to the checkout page. 
    2. Please review your Order Summary and click the Checkout button. 
    3. Then input your email address and phone number before clicking 'Continue'.
    4. Next, enter all required Billing Information and click 'Submit Order'.
    5. After submitting your order, you will be prompted to fill out a quick form asking if you are Golfing and Floating.
    6. Once the form is complete, you should receive an invoice of your purchase at the email you inputted earlier.
    7. Check back in the coming days to make sure the spreadsheet is updated with your correct Cabin and Bed information.
  7. If you want to come down a day early on Thursday, you will need to contact the Gasconade Hills Resort at 573-765-3044 and arrange payment directly with them. They will not be able to confirm which cabin you will be in on Thursday until you arrive. Stephanie and Christian Chatterjee are the owners of the resort. 
  8. Lastly, if you have any feedback on the website, please email me at I'm always interested in how I can better improve the process.

Thanks for taking the time to read everyone! I'm looking forward to this being the biggest and Delta Chi Alumni Float Trip yet! I hope to see many of you in June!


Cody Schwartz

Chapter Adviser

Central Missouri Delta Chi - "BB"